About ICRC

Helping you to fulfill your dream .

Our cutting edge services in a patient-friendly and relaxed atmosphere brought great success and made us special. Your satisfaction is our top priority. With minimum investigation we treat our patients in a most appropriate way. We are proud of our family-like atmosphere and strong commitment to patient education. Combining the latest technology and advanced knowledge with compassion and individualized care, we ensure that our family can help you becoming parent.

Our Clinic

We started our journey in 2002 with patient consultation and secondary level infertility management. In 2003 we opened our door for ART. After months of preparation and quality control, the clinic was ready to meet the challenges of providing advanced fertility services. We have the state of the art laboratory with high level of air purification which helps provide a less hostile environment and minimizes contamination from air pollutants. Combined with advanced incubators, heated work surfaces, and rigid protocols, ICRC is pleased to offer one of the most advanced embryology laboratories in the area. Only we have the academically qualified specialist and a group of clinicians and embryologists.