Testamonials and Feedback


Infertile couples need not only treatment, also need emotional support, sympathetic and friendly environment. We always try to keep our environment friendly and cordial. Here are some comments of patients both failed and successful.

We are very pleased to have your address. Because at first impression we thought that you are one who will be able to satisfy us. Our dream became reality. Thank God first and next to you. God bless you.
Sajjad, Dipu
We visited so many doctors but we did not understand anything about our fertility problem. Because nobody explained anything to us as you explained. Your stuffs are also very co-operative to answer the questions we have. We are very happy and will stay with you whatever time it needed for success. Thank you all.
Titu, Anamika
We really appreciate the attention, sympathy and heartiest co-operation of you and your staffs. Though it was very uncomfortable to stay at your waiting room for long before reaching to you, we forgot all of our discomfort and distress by having your cordial reception and appropriate treatment. We blessed with a daughter by your treatment 18 years after our marriage. Thank you all.

Nadim, Rehana

Excellent environment , doctors’ attitude and behaviour and overall patient management system. We are very fortunate that we got success by ICSI at our first attempt. But we were ready to accept negative result as we knew beforehand that result is very much uncertain even with excellent profile at every step.  ICRC family is very generous and kind to their patients. We are thankful to them.

Leena, Aziz

You the members of ICRC are an outstanding group of people.  We appreciate your support, medical advice and help you have given to us.  But more important we appreciate your faith and willingness to share it with us and openly talk about it. Very few doctors of our society really do it. You people were terrific at giving us the information and confidence we needed to make our decision during the transfer process.  We left your clinic feeling we made the right decision in the midst of so many unknowns.  We are failed after four attempts of ICSI but we forgot our sorrow due to your clear explanation about mechanism of implantation, which is really Gods will! We are keeping on trying with the hope for the best.


We were so unfortunate that we got the address of this center so late that by this time we changed half a dozen so called fertility specialists both in home and abroad and they took our precious time without giving us the appropriate decision. Our female partner was a case of PCOS and no one was able to make her ovulatory. Finally here within a very short time with appropriate treatment we got baby without facing any problem. Many many thanks to Dr. Rashida, Dr. Farzana and Dr. Santa. May God bless you.

Rashed, Santa

We passed extremely stressful days for our childlessness. But you people made it easy enough to understand and feel that we were not alone and that you were on our side to help start and grow our family.  Thank you


Rajeeb, Sheuly

We feel very fortunate that we are along with you. Very friendly and caring staff.  Everyone in the clinic made our long journey easy and comfortable by continuous support.  All questions answered in a very timely manner. Due to heavy rush there may be a little pitfall but your center is excellent and the best among all in our country. Almighty Allah blessed us with a boy through you. We are praying for you that everyone can be happy like us through your treatment.
Parvez, Rana