Md. Forhad Alam ( Sr. Embryologist)

Md. Forhad Alam graduated (B.Sc.,Hons) from Rajshahi University in 2006, He  was awarded Masters in Microbiology from Primeasia University, Bangladesh.  In 2021 he completed MSc in Clinical Embryology from the University of Valencia, Spain. He has received certificate course in Assisted Reproductive Technology from Embryology Academy for Research and Training (EART) Mumbai, India, Endorse by Cleveland Clinic USA in 2014. Mr. Forhad Alam is first Bangladeshi who awarded Merck Foundation (Merck more than a Mother) scholarship in Clinical Embryology in 2017 under IIRRH Bangalore, India and ASRM, USA. He has also received extensive training on Clinical Embryology and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) under direct guidance of Professor Dr.Rashida Begum (Chief Consultant and Embryologist), Prof. Dr. Ehsan Quadir (Chief Embryologist) at ICRC.  He has been working as an Embryologist at ICRC since January 2010. He is competent in andrology and Lab work.

“Embryologist is the nucleus of IVF lab. I am extremely privileged to have the opportunity to be an embryologist of the most reputed center of Bangladesh, ICRC. I am very grateful to madam Prof. Rashida Begum without whom I would not be an embryologist. I am always ready to do anything for the betterment of the patients. I love to do this special work and love to hear positive beta hCG and to see the smile of our esteemed patients.”
Md. Forhad Alam
Sr. Embryologist

Md. Nuruzzaman Sobuj ( Embryologist)

Md.Nuruzzaman Sobuj is graduated BSc (Hons) from Pabna Edward University College. He awarded MSc in Microbiology from the same university. He has received extensive training in Clinical Embryology under direct guidance of Prof. Dr. Ehsan Quadir (Chief Embryologist) and Md..Forhad Alam (Sr. Embryologist).He has been working as junior embryologist at Infertility Care and Research Centre (ICRC) since 2016.